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The company REGARTIS, created by merging former ReachSpektrum and EcoMole Compliance assists companies in fulfilling the requirements of REACH, CLP, and numerous other chemicals-related regulations. To achieve this goal, REGARTIS is exclusively comprised of highly qualified staff capable of guiding your company from the start to the finish line. Building on experience in the area of chemical regulatory affairs, supported by scientific and practical background, our team ensures high-quality services in assisting you to place your products on the market on both sides of the Channel.

With branch offices in the UK (Manchester and London) and EU (Prague, Czech Republic), we can cover your business to stay compliant on both sides of the Channel.

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A few words from our clients

Experts at REGARTIS have nearly 15 years of professional experience. Our experts started providing services in REACH ever since REACH came into force back in 2006. Since then, we helped more than 100 companies to get compliant. Over the years, we also broadened our expertise with the CLP, Biocidal Products Regulation, RoHS, ADR and more.

"Cooperation with REGARTIS in the field of processing and managing safety data sheets is at a very good level, the requirements of the company are always resolved within a pre-agreed period. The format of processing safety data sheets in the Lisam ExESS program, after software modifications, is suitable for our purposes and meets all legislative requirements. Communication with REGARTIS employees is on a high professional level. "

- Petr Horák (HSE Manager, Austin Powder)

Kodak Alaris has benefited enormously from the advice provided by Tomas and his team of experts – they are a pleasure to work with, being quick to reply and always able to provide helpful advice. The PCN training course that they ran was extremely informative and it was clear that all the presenters were subject experts and were excellent at sharing their knowledge.

- Clare Green (EHS Manager, Kodak Alaris)

“REGARTIS has been our partner to solve our REACH and UK REACH-related questions for several years. We have always been very satisfied with their profound, reliable support and pronounced hands-on approach to solving even difficult regulatory issues. REGARTIS has done a great job in helping us to build and maintain regulatory compliance for our international import businesses."

- Oliver Knutzen (Purchasing Manager, Bühnen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)

Scientific projects

We are often leading or collaborating on scientific projects. This way we are able to stay on top of the current level of knowledge in Chemistry, Environmental science, Botanics, Legislation and more.

european chemicals agency
privredna komora srbije
European Food Safety Authority


"Understanding the public perception of nanomaterials and how their safety is perceived in the EU" (ECHA/2018/524).


"Strengthening capacities of National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) and conformity assessment (CA) services in the Republic of Serbia (SR 13 IB EC 01)”


"Screening, data extraction model and data extraction from human and animal toxicity studies on Bisphenol A" (RC/EFSA/FIP/2018/­01.)


"Survey on pre-natal developmental study (PNDT)” (ECHA/2017/256)"


"Extensive literature search and selection for relevance of studies related to the chemistry and toxicity of glycoalkaloids and quinolizidine alkaloids in food and feed" (RC/EFSA/BIOCON­TAM/2017/01)


"Systematic literature study on the uses and risks of nanomaterials as pigments in the European Union" (ECHA/2017/182)


"Transformation and further development of the Compendium of Botanicals" reported to contain naturally occuring substances of possible concern for human health when used in food and food supplements together with UCT Prague, (OC/EFSA/SCER/2014­/05).


"Assessment of remaining cancer risks related to the use of Pitch coal tar, high temperature (CTPHT) and Anthracene oil (AO) in Applications for authorization and DNEL setting for CTPHT on its toxicity for reproduction“, (ECHA/2016/295).



"Literature review of baseline information to support the risk assessment of RNAi-based GM plants" (OC/EFSA/GMO/2015/­01).


"Reviews on Non-animal Methods in Use of Biomedical research (breast cancer, Immunogenicity testing for advanced therapy medicinal products, Immune Oncology Models, Autoimmune diseases and respiratory diseases (JRC/IP­R/2018/F.3/0035/OC a JRC/IPR/2017/F­.3/0050/OC)


"Monitoring REACH"


"Study about the effects of the GHS application on the chemical industry in Czech Republic"