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Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN)


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Are you trading chemical products between the European Union and the United Kingdom?

We have affiliates in both the EU and UK. Therefore, we can provide Only Representative service to both
UK based and EU based legal entities to acquire (UK or EU) REACH Registration for their products. Learn more about why is it so important to choose the right Only Representative and how to recognize them in this webinar.

Why is it so important to appoint a really good Only Representative?

Appointing an Only Representative is like a marriage. Really. 95 % of companies stay with their OR longer than 5 years. So you really want to make sure you choose the right partner. Why?

competetive advantage

Top-class Only Representative gives you a competitive advantage.

How? Watch our video

peace of mind

Good OR gives you peace of mind and goes beyond the minimum requirements.

You can focus on your business, while the OR takes care of all UK REACH requirements and supports your UK-based customers.


It’s easy to appoint an OR, it’s much harder (and costly) to change one.

We saw that. Many times.

Key signs that you are dealing with a reliable Only Representative (what you should always look for when considering appointing an OR)


Honest, open and prompt communication

Brexit is still young and some questions remain open, especially within complex supply chains. A good consultant always provides advice backed with references to legal texts and/or official guidance of relevant authorities. And the best consultants can acknowledge whenever there is any uncertainty in the advice provided, getting back to you after double-checking the facts.


Transparent cost structure

Yes, there are ORs on the market that can support you at very low prices to fulfil the minimum legal requirements. But then they will charge every item extra, every hour of consultation, tonnage coverage certificates issued to your customers, checking your Safety Data Sheets, communication in SIEFs, everything. Always check what the OR service includes and how are optional items charged. In most cases the OR service is only a small fraction of all investments you will need to make to achieve and retain full compliance when you factor in the costs of UK REACH registration fee, Letter of Access fees, generating new data, updating dossiers. 

Clear outline of long-term support strategy

A clear outline of long-term support strategy

Our experts always start with a 5-year plan to discuss your long-term compliance options, a roadmap towards full registration and post-registration compliance support. Based on this analysis, including assessment of pros and cons and costs associated with different compliance routes a long-term tailored support strategy is defined and followed.

Frequent reporting about potential regulatory changes on the horizon

Frequent reporting about potential regulatory changes on the horizon

Monitoring the legal requirements which are adopted is an absolute minimum. That goes without saying. But a good consultant goes beyond that and informs you about regulatory changes on the horizon in relation to your product portfolio and potential impacts on your business. It’s hard to put a price tag on the luxury of knowing well ahead of when certain regulatory changes are coming. It requires active monitoring not only of the legal framework but also of the meetings of the UK and EU authorities committees and bodies, EU Commission meetings, chemical regulations news. Not all ORs have the capacity to do that.

Staff with sound technical and legal background

Staff with sound technical and legal background

You can already tell from a CV or LinkedIn profile whether the staff of the company you are about to hire as your OR has sufficient expertise and experience. If you also find your OR’s staff among sought speakers at internationally recognised events and expert forums, that can do no harm, can it?



Remember, you want to stick with your OR for a long time. It is natural that people come and go. Does your OR have a sufficient workforce if a consultant or two decides to seek other career options?

Friendly, but professional approach

Friendly, but professional approach

Yes, you are right, this is not really a hard criterion, but do you really want to communicate for several years (or even decades) with a team that does not recognise the human side behind your business activities?

Proven track record

Proven track record

Do we need to say more?


UK REACH Registration


Is your non-UK based company exporting chemical products to the UK? Are you exporting more than 1 ton per year?

If you answered YES to both of these questions, you most likely have to acquire the UK REACH Registration. To register a substance in the UK, you have to appoint an Only Representative based there.

We will prepare a registration dossier for your substances according to UK REACH (and we guarantee its compliance). From registration strategy to submission of the dossier to HSE. We have been there - we already acquired (EU) REACH Registration successfully for more than one hundred substances. Simply, comprehensively, cost-efficiently.

Downstream User Import Notification

Downstream user import notification

Downstream User Import Notification is intended for importers, downstream users and distributers seated in Great Britain or with an Only Representative there, that have already been importing the substance to Great Britain before the transition period before Brexit.

By submission of this notification, these companies can postpone their registration obligation for these substances by 2, 4 or 6 years from 28.10.2021. HSE doesn’t charge any fees for this notification. We can take care of the whole notification for you. We need only the available information about the substance like the identification numbers, imported tonnage, when it’s possible also SDS or analytical reports. If you’re not seated in Great Britain, we can also provide the Only Representative service. The time needed to complete DUIN depends on the number of substances, but we generally complete it within few days. We’ve been doing this since the beginning of 2021, so from the very beginning and you can also watch our recorded webinar series about UK REACH. It’s important to say, that the deadline for DUIN submission in on 28 October 2021. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will take care of it!


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