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FREE Webinar: UK REACH - Now you have a DUIN, what's next?

14:00 CEST

The DUIN madness is over, now I have at least 2 years to register.
I can rest easy in 2022.

Hmmm ... can I?
Sounds tempting, huh?

DUIN or grandfathering bought you some time. But the heavy lifting is still ahead.
It can be the best strategy to wait, see how your business grows in the UK, and then decide to proceed with full registrations.

But only in some cases.
Let's take a look at different scenarios where you might want to act rather sooner or later to stay on the UK market and avoid unnecessary costs.
Better safe than sorry.

A few highlights from the webinar:
- Using data from EU REACH registrations for UK REACH
- The complexity of UK REACH data-sharing negotiations
- Designing the optimum registration strategy

Join this webinar to set your roadmap for UK REACH registrations.


Speaking: Tomáš Novotný, Managing Director @REGARTIS

Tomáš has many years of experience with understanding and implementing various European regulations. He follows the UK REACH situation since there was merely a talk about BREXIT, and informs our audience about it regularly, clearly, and with contagious enthusiasm.

Past webinars

UK REACH - Data sharing and Letter of Access negotiation

Do you need to pay again for data already purchased for EU REACH to register your substances also under UK REACH?
What are typical data-sharing models for UK REACH registrations?
Are the data holders playing a fair game with you?
... or the other way round - if you are a data holder, how to make sure that you don't get into unnecessary trouble when sharing the data with other co-registrants?

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Last-minute DUIN

Only 3 weeks (and two days) left until the DUIN deadline. Can you still make it?
(Spoiler alert) Yes, you definitely can!
We will show you how.

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UK REACH - where are we now and how to comply?

Grandfathering is over. DUIN deadline is just around the corner. Substance groups for UK REACH registration data-sharing and cost-sharing are forming. UK HSE recommended first substances to be included in the UK REACH Authorisation List.

UK Biocidal Products Regulation in a nutshell

Placing biocidal products on the European market is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.
On January 1, 2021, with the withdraw of the United Kingdom from the EU, the rules became even more complicated.
The UK completely accepts the EU rules, i.e Biocidal product regulation (BPR), List of active substances, and Article 95 list. However, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE, UK chemical authority) does not have access to the ECHA databases anymore. Therefore, the data have to be re-submitted to the HSE. Transitional periods have been set for these obligations.

UK REACH - PROs and CONs of becoming a Lead Registrant

Are you thinking about taking the role of a Lead Registrant? Our webinar will help you make an informed decision. Have you already decided to become a Lead Registrant? Regardless of the level of your experience with this role, we will show you the DOs and DONTs.

UK REACH - Are my UK Safety Data Sheets Still Compliant?

Are my SDSs still compliant? By answering this ultimate question, our experts will take you through the changes introduced into Safety Data Sheets for the UK by Brexit. Join our webinar to get an overview of what you might need to review and update in your Safety Data Sheets. A roadmap of what needs to be done (and when) for you to make it.

UK REACH - How to get part of Substance groups ("SIEFs")

… and how to have your say in the nomination of the Lead Registrant. Grandfathering, DUIN and inquiry … which of these do you need to do to become part of the “Substance group” (known formerly as a SIEF under EU REACH)?

UK REACH - Meet the first deadline

Do you have any doubts about what you need to do to grandfather your former EU REACH registrations under UK REACH?
Are you concerned that you will not be able to make it before 30 April?
Join this webinar to get a step-by-step guide and we will give you a roadmap of what needs to be done (and when) for you to make it.

UK REACH - Why is it so important to choose a really good Only Representative?

Appointing an Only Representative is like a marriage. Really. 95 % of companies stay with their OR longer than 5 years. So you really want to make sure you choose the right partner. Why? Watch our webinar to get the answer.

UK REACH - Data sharing under UK REACH

Do I need to pay for the data I already purchased for EU REACH? Will there be SIEFs under UK REACH? When? UK REACH vs. EU REACH data-sharing provisions… are they the same? Are they any different? Exclusive webinar with Ales Bartl, the EU Regulatory Associate @Keller and Heckman LLP.

UK REACH - UK REACH - sharing experience from grandfathering and DUIN notifications

We filed several UK REACH grandfathering notifications and we are now working on the first DUINs. Our experts share their experience from grandfathering and DUINs.

UK REACH - REACH Compliance After Brexit - EU Perspective

What options you now (still) have to stay compliant with EU REACH when sourcing from the UK? Which options are no longer available? How to take advantage of the UK REACH transitional provisions to stay/get on the UK market?



Day 1 - Conference on Chemicals and Biocidal Products Management - REACH, BPR and CLP 2021

Downstream user import notification

Day 2 - Training: EU regulations for the notification of a biocidal product

Proven track record

Day 3 - Training: EU regulations for biocidal products and other hazardous mixtures